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My palate is one for purity, elegance and vivacity. Regarding champagne, I love what is in the glass but I also love what lies beyond. Champagne is an intriguingly complex and diverse region. A world of luxury and a truly fine wine. Still, where champagne is, fun begins. But knowing more makes it even greater fun. This is the Essence of Champagne.
Essi Avellan MW
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Explore Essence of Champagne with Essi Avellan MW. Renowned champagne specialist and Master of Wine, Essi Avellan’s personal champagne site offers you a brand new source of unbiased champagne opinions. Discover Essi’s vast library of recent tasting notes, Essi’s blog, essential champagne information, latest news, as well as the results of the champagne awards to which her palate has contributed.
What the others say
“Essi has a mind like a steel trap! And she is uniquely qualified. Of all the Champagne specialists I know, Essi is the best and most consistent taster I have encountered, and I have tasted thousands of Champagnes with her, so that is no throwaway statement.”
Tom Stevenson, wine writer and champagne specialist
”One senses a new voice – convincing, precise, analytical and mercifully free of dogmatic judgment masquerading as incontrovertible truth. Put another way, Avellan wears her knowledge and authority lightly, born of quiet self-confidence in the accuracy of her own palate, which is one of the best in the effervescence world.”
Michael Edwards, wine writer and champagne specialist

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First taste: Laurent-Perrier Blanc de Blancs Nature NV

Long known as a house of Chardonnay, Laurent-Perrier recently crafted its first ever blanc de blancs, which saw the light of day in May this year. In line with current fashion, Chef de Cave Michel Fauconnet went for the brut nature style. But his was not just another bone-dry Champagne. The house has mastered brut […]

Featured house

Pierre Gimonnet & Fils

One of the finest properties of the Côte des Blancs, Pierre Gimonnet is a great estate to visit since its sizeable vineyard ownings offer a great key to understanding the different terroirs of the region.


Grand Champagne Helsinki 2019

Grand Champagne Helsinki 2019 – Bigger and bubblier than ever Bubbles fill the Old Student House of Helsinki 9th – 11th of May bringing together champagne lovers, gourmands and top names in the industry. The three-day event features experts sharing their know-how, passion and champagnes. ”We are thrilled to welcome star guests of the greatest […]