Our Services

Our knowledge of wine, experience in many spheres of the wine business, as well as my contacts makes us the ideal partner for a scope of tailor-made projects. Here are some examples of what we can do for you, be your business on-trade, off-trade or wine production.

For Restaurants

In today’s markets there are no excuses for bad wine and erroneous wine lists. Interesting wine lists are not the privilege of fine-dining restaurants. A wine list need not be lengthy and filled with expensive wines to be good. Right depth, width and pricing will increase your wine sales and profitability. We will produce a list based on your restaurant profile, customer base and concept.

Staff Training

Hand-selling wine requires knowledge, interest and confidence. Our tailored training programs from basics to top professional level are investments that will pay back manifold. Our expertise spans from wine buying to selling, and all the way to food and wine matching and serving.

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For Wine Retailers

Market knowledge and experience in wine buying make Essi Avellan MW an ideal partner to work with in wine retailing. Our knowledge of the players, products and pricing allows you to work with wine more efficiently and profitably. We can help you with the structuring of your wine concept and selection, in providing product information and arranging wine promotions as well as with events.

For Wine Producers

We provide information on the Nordic wine markets. Our overall market analysis is backed up with up-to-date statistics and knowledge of local wine consumption trends. We can give advice on ways to enter the markets including selection of importers and other partners as well as on the preparation of marketing and sales plans.

We also arrange professional wine events with lectures and tastings for the wine trade and press in order to introduce you to the markets.

For Companies

Wine Recommendations! Personalise your wine gift with a recommendation and tasting note by Essi Avellan. Perfect for corporate wine presents!

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