New Krug releases

Krug Vintage 2011

Not many producers released a 2011, but Krug found a story to the year that they wanted to tell. It was a difficult and unpredictable harvest year with ripeness issues. The resulting wine remains restrained with an enticing delicacy to it that combines both fresh and candied fruit. Floral fragrance, white peaches, dried apricots, herbaceous whiffs and earthy-savoury tones. The stylish oaky note stays in fine sync with the reserved fruitiness. Rather light-weight and chiseling on the palate for Krug, it comes across airy and vibrant. Post-disgorgement ageing will add on gravitas and sweet fruity charm over mid-term ageing. Krug ID 322038 tasted.

Krug Grande Cuvée 171ème Edition NV

Another great blending artwork by Krug, the wine has rare finesse for the sun-kissed 2015 vintage. It shows none of the vegetal austerity pestering many wines of the vintage. The profile is one of lush white peaches and zingy candied lemon with a touch of tropical tones complemented by a stylish smoky complexity from oak. Beautifully silky and airy on the driven, even racy palate of fine focus. This pristinely fruity and tightly knit wine has fine keeping potential.   

And a fresh note to the 2011 based Grande Cuvée for comparison with new Vintage release:

Krug Grande Cuvée 167ème Edition NV

In the challenging 2011 it took the winemaking team 191 individual wines to create Grand Cuvée. Thus, truly a full expression, 13 years’ wines were assembled together with 1995 being the oldest component in the blend. With some five years after disgorgement, this wine shows beautifully fragrant with honey-toned orchard fruit and lemon nose with a cool menthol breeze. It is truly detailed with rare a delicacy to it. The palate continues on the same elegant path or airy seamlessness and lively persistence. A master piece of blending. Krug ID 318034 tasted.