Minne’s wine tastings: The Enchanting Blanc de Blancs of the Cult Producer Ulysse Collin

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Wine Tasting at Minne March 5, 2024

The Enchanting Blanc de Blancs of the Cult Producer | Olivier Collin – Ulysse Collin

Olivier Collin has established Ulysse Collin as one of the most coveted and critically acclaimed grower champagne brands in the entire Champagne region. One could almost speak of it as the unicorn of champagnes, as it is quite challenging to get hold of the wines from this cult producer at a reasonable price. Collin’s perfectionist, Burgundy-influenced wine philosophy focuses exceptionally on Champagne, exclusively producing wines from a single plot and a single grape variety, aged in oak barrels. In 2004, Olivier’s production began with Chardonnay from the Les Pierrières vineyard in Coteaux du Petit Morin in Vert-Toulon. Gradually, the number of vineyards in production was increased, and currently, there are five.

It is a great honor for us to welcome Olivier Collin, together with his wife and partner Sandra Zaragoza, to Minne. In celebration of Olivier’s first visit to Finland, we have the opportunity to compare the house’s distinctive blanc de blancs champagnes from Les Pierrières, Les Enfers, and Les Roises. Conducting the interview with Olivier Collin is Minne’s wine expert, Master of Wine Essi Avellan.

Tasting champagnes:

  • Ulysse Collin Les Pierrières NV (base 2018, 48 months)
  • Ulysse Collin Les Pierrières NV (base 2017, 48 months)
  • Ulysse Collin Les Pierrières NV (base 2016, 48 months)
  • Ulysse Collin Les Enfers NV (base 2016, 60 months)
  • Ulysse Collin Les Roises NV (base 2016, 60 months)

The tasting will be conducted in English. The tasting portion is 6 cl. We offer a selection of Minne’s small finger foods to accompany the tasting. Price: 197,-

Date and location:
March 5, 2024, from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM. Minne Champagne & Wine, Eteläesplanadi 14

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