Côte des Bar

Separated from the core district of Champagne lies the Côte des Bar or Aube, which is actually closer to Chablis in Burgundy than Champagne. The drive to Aube from Épernay is about a hundred kilometers. This sub-region is known for its fruit-forward Pinot Noir, although up until the Second World War it was known as Gamay country. The quiet and beautiful small villages, such as Les Riceys, which is famous for its rosé wine, and Charles de Gaulle’s home village Colombey-les-Deux-Églises are charming. Increasingly sought-after are also the fine Chardonnays from the hills of Montgueux east of Troyes. The region’s most famous house Drappier is a must to visit but there are also a handful of great grower-producers to see. The city of Troyes is an interesting stop, although its life does not revolve totally around champagne as it does in Épernay or Reims.