Essi Avellan’s Champagne

A Guide for Champagne Lovers and Gourmet Travellers

Essi Avellan MW takes readers on a 5-star tasting journey around Champagne

This book will not only help you with buying and enjoying champagne, but also take you on an armchair tour of Champagne. And when you decide to actually travel there, it will assist you in arranging the journey of your dreams.

Thirsting to know more and more, I keep returning to Champagne. Based on my personal experience, I share with you the essentials of 65 estates I appreciate and love. Additionally, I introduce you to my favourite restaurants, wine shops and hotels in the region. Also the Champenois, winemakers and cellar masters, share their insider tips on how to make the most of your time in Champagne. Bienvenue en Champagne!

Essi Avellan MW

Foreword to the book has been written by Champagne Dom Pérignon’s cellar master Richard Geoffroy. Photographs are taken by the native Champenois Michael Boudot.

What the others say

In short, if you want a solid reference for Champagne that will serve you well for some years to come, this is your book.

Miquel Hudin,

There is a lot packed into the 352 pages of this mid-sized but weighty book. From a purely aesthetic point of view, Michael Boudot’s photography is seriously classy and as well as snapping the inevitably glamorous side of champagne, he’s captured some joyful, unguarded moments in the vineyard as well as beautiful portraits of cellar masters and producers. Tuija Jantunen’s maps (oh so very important) are clean, concise and crystal clear. The book itself is structured in a way that is both easy to read through, and logical enough to use as a reference guide or a travel guide.’

Tamlyn Currin,

The book was launched on April 22th 2017

Published by AvelVino Media
352 pages
Recommended retail price: 37€
Also available as a digital book at 12,99 €


We start exploring each sub-region with the help of a map, followed by a presentation. If you are only interested in an armchair trip at the moment, skip the Planning your trip section and go directly for an introduction to the basics of champagne. After the winemaking process, we explore the
whole spectrum of champagne styles before finishing by giving you some helpful tips on how to best enjoy and store your champagnes.


Essi shares all the essentials of each estate and encourages you to get to know their champagnes and to visit them. She goes through the backgrounds of the wineries and their personalities, while giving an overview and assessment of their entire champagne portfolio.


Based on her experience, Essi recommends the most interesting sights, best restaurants and nicest places to stay overnight in each sub-region. In this book, the owners and cellar masters of champagne estates also reveal their favourite places across Champagne. The first part of this book ends with vintage descriptions of the latest twenty vintages on the markets.