1000 Finest Wines Ever Made

This comprehensive book of the finest wines in the world rates 1000 best wines of all time – from 1790 to 2006 – according to their current drinkability and condition.The wines are rated on a 100-point scale and numbered from 1 to 1000. In addition to full tasting notes some essential background of the wines, vintages and producers will be given.


The wines are selected by the editorial board of FINE: Editor in Chief Pekka Nuikki, Editor of FINE Champagne Magazine Essi Avellan MW; Editor of European FINE Wine Magazine Juha Lihtonen, Ralf Frenzel, Editor of German FINE Wine Magazine; and our Contributor Jan-Erik Paulson, a mature wine specialist and merchant from Germany.


This groundbreaking book is a must for everyone interested in fine and mature wines, collectors, enthusiasts and investors.