Opensea auction for 葡萄 Budō NFT Photography Collection 05 ‘Vive la Champagne by Essi Avellan’!

To celebrate champagne and my 14 years of partnership with photographer Michaël Boudot, we created together Collection 05 ‘Vive la Champagne by Essi Avellan’. The collection is now available on OpenSea for auction for a duration of 72 hours!

Centered around the theme of Champagne, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this collection centers in the cellars, landscapes and the craftsmanship of its winemakers. From our dozens and dozens of visits together over the years and Michael’s vast archives of photography, I have selected some of the most meaningful, beautiful and representative to me.

葡萄 Budō NFT Collection is a rare digital certificate NFT created by French photographer Michaël BOUDOT. It represents:

1. a collectible photograph created by the author
2. rewarding a lifetime of work,
3. Possible to link to an actual paper print

Only One Unique NFT minted per day.

Did you get interested in getting an NFT on one of these pieces of art?

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